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Update : February 26, 2020 Cheiro (Count Louis Hammond) popularized Palmistry with his readings of the rich and the famous, and his writings on Palmistry and Numerology. He classified seven personality types based on the structure of the hand. He also covered the major lines and signs. There […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Everyone is entitled to an opinion. e.g. Social media is good for getting contact with lost friends, but not good for use in research papers. Some newspapers have Op-Ed (Opinion and Editorial). e.g. There may be two competing opinions of DST (Daylight Savings […]


Update : February 21, 2020 In our younger days, Opal was a decent car. But, when one calls someone “Opal” (or “O Pei”), then one is “obsolete” (good to be ignored for getting old). There is T.O. (Technical Obsolescence). Some artifacts can be found only in museums, antique […]


Update : February 21, 2020 News may stand for the four directions : North, East, West and South News may be formal or informal. In the early days, News Agencies served as a source for newspapers and radio. Reuters, AP, UPI are some of the agencies. In our […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Neikban is the Burmese term for Nibanna (in Pali) and Nirvana (in Sanscrit). It is rendered as “Liberation” or “Enlightenment”. Neikban Zaw It is the pen name of my beloved spouse. She wrote articles for the Dhammananda Newsletter. I have re-posted some of […]

Musical Instruments

Update : February 21, 2020 Classification The Burmese classify musical instruments as Kyay Kyo Tha Yay Lay Let Khoke Myanmar Saing Waing has Jazz as a distant cousin. They perform extemporaneously. Myanmar Dobat is often performed in Thingyan and at Ah Hlu. Philharmonic orchestras have various sections. They […]


Update : February 21, 2020 Benjamin Franklin said, “Two things are certain. Death and Taxes.” Men are mortal. Some tried ways and means (e.g. via Alchemy) to have long life and perhaps become immortal. Actuarial Tables are used in the Insurance Industry. They are based on the Life […]


Update : February 21, 2020 A Physical Model is usually a scaled down version of a real-life entity. In our younger days, some schools and universities had Aero-modeling clubs. Ko Eddie (Edward Teoh, M64) helped run the Aero-modeling club. A Mathematical Model is a representation of an idea, […]