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Hla Min (Lifelong Learner)

Life Long Learner, Educator, Distinguished Toastmaster, Writer, Editor, Expert in Computer Science and Technology


Posted : August 13, 2019 The list is not exhaustive. Hein Latt (PBRS, Writer) Bogyi Ba Hein (Principal of No. (6) Botathaung State High School (formerly SPHS). U Kyaw Hein had an illustrious character : youth gang leader, early graduate of the “Yoke Shin Thindan”, Academy award winning […]

Philosophy and Psychology

Dr. Hla Bu was Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at Rangoon University. Later, Rangoon University established two departments Philosophy Psychology Philosophy Philosophy is derived from “Phil” (meaning Love [of]) and “sophy” (meaning wisdom). Advanced degrees often have “Philosophy” (to mean “Love of wisdom”). They include M.Phil (Master of […]

Myanmar / Burmese

Language There are two forms of Myanmar / Burmese language. Myanmar Sagar (Oral / spoken) Myanmar Sar (Written) Alphabet The Alphabet has 33 Eik Khaya (loosely rendered as letter or character). Grouping There are several groups (Wagga) of five letters. Linguists and phonologists refer to the groups as […]


L. D. Stamp Professor Laurence Dudley Stamp taught Geography at Rangoon University and the University of London. He authored several books and articles (e.g. Land Use). One book was a prescribed text in Burma in the early days. He lectured to the first year students at LSE (London […]


The list is not exhaustive. Ko Aung Kyaw was struck by a baton on December 20, 1938 during the third RU student boycott. He is a early casualty in the struggle for Burma’s independence. He was named “Bo Aung Kyaw”. Sparks Street was renamed as Bo Aung Kyaw […]