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Needs of Sayas

Update : July 14, 2020 Needs Vary The needs of sayas vary. Senior sayas received Garawa money from the SPZPs and Acariya PZPs. Some sayas are taken care well by their family members. They do not have major financial problems. Several sayas (e.g. U Ba Than and U […]


Update : July 14, 2020 Types of Memory There are several types of memory Long term memoryIt is analogous to disk (or similar) storage in a computer system Short term memoryIt is analogous to RAM (Random Access Memory) Photographic memorySome people could glance at documents and recall them […]

Tipitaka Examination

Update : July 14, 2020 Background Burma wanted to host the Sixth Buddhist Council. The Sayadaws visited neighboring Theravada countries to seek advice and to solicit participation in the Council to celebrate 2500 years of Sasana. The Theravada Sayadaws expressed the need for a Tipitaka Sayadaw. Burma invited […]

Three Baskets

Update : July 14, 2020 Tipitaka Tipitaka is a Pali term. It is commonly rendered as “Three Baskets”. Tipitaka comprises of Vinaya / Monastic rules of conduct Sutta / Discourses Abhidhamma / Ultimate reality Buddhist Councils According to the Theravada tradition, there are six Buddhist Councils. The First, […]


SPZP-2020 Due to pandemic, SPZP-2020 (scheduled for December 26, 2020) has been postponed. Good news Just talked with Saya Dr. Myo Khin. He received special permission from his doctor to talk to me. He can now walk using a cane. He thanked all who wished him well. He […]

Kyaw Hein

Read Ma Thuzar’s post. Kyaw Hein, May Yu and Thuzar were among the six selected by the Yoke Shin Council. Kyaw Hein and May Yu won Academy awards. Read interview by Kyaw Thu. He proposes Kyaw Hein to be honored (hopefully with a bust) at the Centennial of […]

Collaborative “Poetic Art”

မြန်မာ့စိတ်ရင်းပြ ကဗျာပန်းချီ Here is another poetic art of a group of alumni of Rangoon Institute of Technology, Myanmar. It depicts the innate nature of Myanmar people. Collaborators Organizer / Coordinator : Aung Myaing (ChE72) Idea : Khin Khin Gyi (C73) Painting : Myo Myint (M73) (aka) Artist Myat […]