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Hla Min (Lifelong Learner)

Life Long Learner, Educator, Distinguished Toastmaster, Writer, Editor, Expert in Computer Science and Technology

Steeve (1)

Steeve Kay (U Thaung Sein, EC70) never forgot his roots : his beloved land alma matermentorsfriends Had successes as Designer CEO of QTC Management and associated companies Philanthropist (e.g. Chair of Kay Family Foundation) MSEE from Stanford University MBA from Pepperdine University Multiple Golden Sponsor for the SPZPs […]

Golden Sponsors

Appreciation We appreciate the cetana of the following alumni who felt that the RIT Alumni International should have activities beyond the First ever RIT Grand Reunion and Saya Pu Zaw Pwe. They are honored as “Golden Sponsors” of SPZP-2000. Steeve Kay (U Thaung Sein, EC70, Southern California)Donated $1000 […]


Be mindful every moment. Most meditation retreats advise the yogis to continue practicing mindfulness in daily life. If one is inattentive for a few seconds while walking or running, then one can trip or fall and incur serious injuries. A dhamma friend succumbed to internal bleeding after an […]

GBNF : Sayas

Update : March 30, 2020 Deans and Rectors U Ba Hli Sayagyi U Ba Hli was the first native Dean to head the Faculty of Engineering of Rangoon University. Transferred from GTI where he was Principal and Professor of Civil Engineering to the Faculty of Engineering. Per request […]