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Meaning Antonyms are words which have almost the opposite meaning for the given context. Since some words can have multiple meanings, one must be careful of the meaning associated with an antonym. Examples Love and Hate are antonyms. There are six root causes or Hetu. They fall into […]


In our younger days, we rely on Bartlett’s “Book of familiar quotations”. Misquote If people do not check the source, they may misquote or attribute a quote to the wrong person. For example, many believe that Sherlock Holmes said, “Elementary, my dear Watson”. It is not true. Most […]


Date Formats The list is not exhaustive. We will not cover all variants in detail. Most programming languages provide support for storing and manipulating dates. Day, Month, Year This is the format used in Myanmar. For example, August 22, 2018 can be displayed in various flavors. DD-MM-YYYY (The […]

Family of Firsts

Four Generations (with five persons) all stood First in Burma in the Matriculation Examination. U Hoke Sein : Compiler of the Pali-English-Burmese Dictionary U Saw Hlaing (Son) Dr. Cherry Hlaing (Grand daughter) : Tekkatho Lu Ye Chun Great Grandson and Great Grand daughter Editor’s Note : Saya Dr. […]

Unconventional Wisdom

We are familiar with Conventional Wisdom. We could and should try something unconventional. Euclid Euclid proposed five Postulates, which form the foundation of Euclidean Geometry. Some mathematicians questioned whether the Fifth Postulate (aka Parallel Postulate) was needed. It gave birth to Non-Euclidean Geometry (used in Navigation). Newton Sir […]

Adeikhtan (2)

Adeikhtan is loosely rendered as Determination. It is a commitment to do something as planned. It needs resolve. New Year Resolution is a form of Adeikhtan, but many do not seriously follow it. A time-bounded Adeikhtan is easier to fulfill. At some meditation retreats, one pledges to practice […]

Kaung Myat Soe *

On August 24, 2018, U Wynn Htain Oo (M72) wrote : စာၾကည္​့တိုက္​ဆိုင္​ရာM&Eဒီဇိုင္​းထြက္​လာတယ္​ က်ေနာ္​တို႔ကအင္​မတန္​စနစ္​တက်ျဖစ္​ေစလိုတာေၾကာင္​့ပါသင္​့တာေတြပါေစရမယ္​သတ္​မွတ္​ထားတယ္​ ၂၀၀၃ batchကက်န္​ေနာ္​ကေမာင္​ေကာင္​းေလးလို႔ခ်စ္​စနိုးေခၚတဲ့ကိုေကာင္​းျမတ္​စိုးကfire alarm လႈမယ္​အရင္​ေျပာထားၿပီးအခုတန္​ဖိုးၾကည္​့ေတာ့သိန္​းအေတာ္​မ်ားလို႔ကိုေကာင္​းဆီ ကိုေကာင္​းေရအဲလိုႀကီးကုန္​မွာကြမင္​းလႈမွာလားဆိုေတာ့ ကိုေကာင္​းကတခြန္​းဘဲေျပာတယ္​ အန္​ကယ္​ဒီဇိုင္​းသာပို႔လိုက္​က်သေလာက္​ကေနာ္​တို႔၃ေယာက္​လႈမယ္​တပ္​ေပးမယ္​ကုန္​ခ်င္​သေလာက္​ကုန္​ပါေစ(သူရယ္​ကိုမိုးျမင္​့ရယ္​ကိုေက်ာ္​စိုးေအာင္​ရယ္​)wwspzpကလဲသူတို႔၃ေယာက္​ဘဲevergloryဆိုတဲ့company ကဲ ျပတ္​ကေရာ WHOလဲအပူတခုလြယ္​လြယ္​ေလးေလ်ာ့သြားပါၿပီ ကိုေကာင္​းဆိုတာWwspzp တုန္​းကအင္​မတန္​ေကာင္​ူမြန္​တဲ့အသံစနစ္​လႈေလသူတေယာက္​ပါ WHO စကားတခြန္​းအလႈသိန္​း၅၀ ၁၀၀တန္​ေတြအလိုလိုရလာတာမဟုတ္​ဆိုတာလဲက်ေနာ္​သိပါတယ္​ အဲလိုစြမ္​းသူဘ၀နဲ႔အမိေက်ာင္​းေတာ္​ႀကီးေက်ဇူးဆပ္​ခြင္​့ရတာလဲအရမ္​ေက်နပ္​ပါတယ္​