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Hla Min (Lifelong Learner)

Life Long Learner, Expert in Computer Science and Technology, Educator, Distinguished Toastmaster, Writer, Editor

Who’s WHO? *

Great men are short Patron Lucky Draw He won a big prize at the All Mechanical Gathering held at Dolphin Hall. Saya and his Hna Pyi He has several “Hna Pyi” (authors, vocalists, entrepreneurs) and best friends including the nationally acclaimed musician Khin Maung Toe. At an M72 […]

U Tin U

Association of Engineers in Burma after the Second World War The account was retold by Saya U Tin U and recorded by Saya U Ba Than. Re-instituted about 1955-56 President : Sayagyi U Ba Hli, Dean of Engineering, University of Rangoon Honorary Secretary : Saya U Soon Sein […]