69er GJ in 2019

*** 2019 — 69er GJ (Golden Jubilee) of Graduation

** ဒေါ်တင်တင် (Ann, EC69, USA)

First Homecoming

Donated to 69er HCF (Health Fund)

She was the lone female EE69er.

** GBNF (Gone But Not Forgotten) တချို့

U Aye Lwin — Past Secretary of RIT Annual Magazine Committee & RIT Mechanical Association

U Han Sein — Represented RIT in Swimming, Water Polo, Diving & Basketball; Served 17 years (out of 20 sentenced by a Kangaroo Court); Volunteer Photographer for 69er gatherings; Led social groups in Latha Township

U Maung Maung Kaung (Yi Pinn) — Did private business in Dawei; Lost his spouse to Covid; Followed her a year later

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