Poems and Translations

Shwe YaDu Lann

Poem by Saya U Moe Aung (Tekkatho Moe War)

Translation by Hla Min

Shwe YaDu Lann

Let it be rough [but it’s tough]. Flowers are blossoming again.

Fear not the summer

Care not the rain [drops]

or the thick fogs & darkness

or if winter’s not true to its form

Shwe YaDu Lann

Let it be rough. No gentle stream flowing

Fear not high winds

Care not dense clouds

Topsy turvy [come what may]

Can paddle upstream

With strong mind & conviction

Place where heroes [Thu Ye Kaungs] are produced .

Swel Daw Myaing Dann

Shwe YaDu Lann

is a start [of a journey]

To raise the Banner loftily

to the skies, to the Zenith

displaying our thitsa (vow of truth and integrity)

HLA MIN (Editor, Newsletter Updates, USA)

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