February (Month)

* Second month of the Gregorian Calendar

* Shortest month

** 28 days for Common Year

** 29 days for Leap Year

** Believed to have 30 days.
One day each was given to July (named after Julia’s Caesar) and August (named after Augustus Caesar)

Some Birthdays

* My elder brother

* Bogyoke Aung San

* My paternal uncle (same day as Bogyoke)

* My mother

* Dr. Khin Maung U

* Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint

* 69ers (Albert Kyaw Min, Maung Maung Aye, Khin Maung Tint …)

Some Celebrations

* Pyidaungsu Nay (signing of Pin Lon Agreement)

* Kha Lay Myar Nay (birthday of Bogyoke Aung San)

* Presidents’ Day (US ; Georgia Washington; Abraham Lincoln …)

* Valentine’s Day

* Super Bowl (American Football Championship)

* Some years : Htamane Pwe (Ovada Partimauk)

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