Sad But True

Sad But True [91] : Htin Paw

Saya U Htin Paw (EE58, GBNF) received two Gold Medals.

He joined the Electrical Engineering Department as Assistant Lecturer.

He received State Scholarship to study MS at Michigan University.

Since the Scholarship was for UBARI, he transferred there and taught part-time at EE.

He moved to Electrical Inspectorate.

In the USA, he served as President of BEA (which later merged with BASTS into BAPS).

He served as President of TBSA.

He wrote articles for RIT Alumni Newsletter.

He attended SPZP-2000, but had to leave early to take care of his ailing spouse.

** Notes

* His only son Dr. Barry Paw (MD, Ph.D) passed away on the flight from Australia to USA.

* His brother is U Tun Thein (A67).

* His nephews include Robert Hla Thein (M72).

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