Sad But True

Sad But True [76] : Chit Swe, Dr.

Saya Dr. Chit Swe was my mentor at UCC.

He founded UCC with the help of Saya U Soe Paing, Saya U Myo Min and Saya U Ko Ko Lay (GBNF).

I have written many articles about my sayas and colleagues in “Memories of UCC” series.

A summary was published in the Commemorative Magazine for the 30th Anniversary of ICST.

I worked on several of Saya’s projects including High School Mathematics, CTK (Children’s Treasury of Project) and TOSS (Team of System Specialists).

He passed away in Sydney, Australia at the tender age of 88.

** Notes

* I posted some anecdotes about Saya Chit.

* Saya Chit, U Myint Oo and I were ordained as (temporary) monks in Sagaing Hills.

The ordaination ceremonies in Rangoon do not take a long time.

The Preceptor / Sayadaw gave a lengthy Ovadha / Exhortation (more than an hour) befitting a well-known Professor & Computer Pioneer.

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