Sad But True

Sad But True [72] : Khin Kyaw Nyein

120 members of the Class of 69 are GBNF.

U Khin Maung Nyo (EP69) was an early casualty.

U Tin Maung Hla (A69er) is a recent GBNF.

The GBNF list maintained by U Aung Min (M69) has varying levels of detail (e.g date of demise, date and place of cremation / burial, cause of death).

Saw Khin Kyaw Nyein (Min69) played Volleyball for RIT.

Saya U Kyaw Tint (Min69) was a Prisoner of Conscience. He wrote an article for the 69er GJ Magazine.

** Notes

* At one time, the median age of 69ers was 69 and the GBNF List had 69 members.

* Currently, the young 69ers are 75+ years and the oldest (U Tin Maung) is 87.

* 20+ passed away in the past two years.

18+ succumbed to Covid.

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