Sad But True

Sad But True [65] : Aung Thwin, Dr.

Some from SPHS63 have passed away.

U Aung Khin joined DSA. He worked for Wazi and PPIC. He had two Kidney Transplants. Both kidneys eventually failed. His siblings are U Tin Oo, Glory Ko Gyi and Dr. Thein Wai.

Dr. Aung Thwin was a well-known OG in Southern California. He passed away unexpectedly. His sisters are Dr. Daw Khin Khin Thwin (Carmen) and Daw Yee Yee Thwin (Jasmine).

U Min Thaw (Gilbert, EP69er), Dr. Maung Maung Aye and U Tin Nwe (Cowboy) survived a car crash on their return from OPA (Old Paulian Association) Dinner. They are now GBNF.

** Notes

* SPHS63 GBNF include :

Aung Khin,

Aung Thwin,

Chit Po Po,

Maung Maung Aye,

Phillip Ba Maung,

Shwe Zan Aung,

Tin Nwe,

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