UCC Gatherings

Over the years, I attended several mini-gatherings and gatherings hosted by UCC sayas and alumni.

Saya Paing regular hosts gatherings (usually dinner meeting) at his house. Sayagadaw was my class mate. She also attended CPC course.

Saya Ah Thay Lay, Sayama Ju Ju, … and several others help organize the gatherings. Ah Thay Lay, Ko Po, Aung Aung … and several others provide transportation to or from Saya Paing’s house.

There was fun and laughter at UCC’s 40th Anniversary Gathering.

In January 14, 2018, I attended the 5th UCSY Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe as “Generation Zero” representative and the “Most Senior” (not by age). Several attendees started their studies and/or careers at UCC.

Saw Yan Naing, son of Dr. Saw Naing (Wesley, SPHS59), gave me a ride to the Pu Zaw Pwe. SYN is a nephew of Dr Myo Khin. He is a cousin of Soe Lin Maung (UCC).

In the USA, Rafi, KZ, AMO, Ko Sein Myint, and Ko Toung hosted UCC gatherings (especially to welcome and alumni visiting US). Ivan Lee hosts an annual joint gathering for UCC and RIT sayas and alumni at his home in New Jersey.

In Singapore, Ko TAW, Ko Zaw Tun and Pale organized buffet gathering. Ko Aung Aung, and Ma Kyin Mya are regulars at the gatherings. Some have moved (temporarily or permanently) to Myanmar.

In Australia, Saya Zaw, SMM & KAM, HA & TTH … organized the gatherings. I met TDH and “Pha Yaung Daing”.

Ko Sein Tin created a short music video during my visit to Oz in 2006.

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