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One More Reminder / Request

I enjoy reading Encyclopedias, 5-minute Biographies and selected Biographies, Who’s Who in xxx? and Twentieth Century Impressions of Burma (to name a few).

I love History. I served as Docent of CHM (Computer History Museum). I was a member of HMEE-2012 and HMEE-2018 projects.

I tried hard for many years to get help on Oral and Written History of our alma mater, but there was no serious response. A few said that they are getting old and have to take care of grandchildren, health and unfinished business.

I have served 23+ years as messenger and organizer for the RIT / Engineering / Computing Community. In addition to the (almost daily) updates, I have 3000+ articles in my website and 200+ short talks (via Facebook and Youtube).

I have covered topics in varying details. Some are bullet points. A few are series (e.g Names, Memories, Sad But True, Countdown to the Reunion, Post Reunion),

It takes hours to write a comprehensive post. I do not believe in perfection. I try to get tasks done with a reasonably good quality. I take a spiral / iterative approach to improve my posts (with feedback from readers).

I hope to have something to celebrate the Centennial of Engineering Education and the Silver Jubilee of My Volunteering.


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