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There are many Urban Myths and Legends (e.g Stanford University, Bill Gates) that have been debunked, but still appear in posts (that are shared indiscriminately).

** U E Maung is not Bagyi Aung

A post that wrongly said Professor U E Maung was “Bagyi Aung” was liked and/or shared by thousands of readers even after U Nay Oke (St. Paul’s) gave TEDx-Inya talk about his mother (Daw Khin Saw Mu), father (ICS U Ba Tint), his Bagyi (ICS U Tin Tut) and Minthuwun (Saya U Wun). U Nay Oke mentioned that the four main characters in “Bagyi Aung Nyar De” have all passed away.

The three younger sisters were in the charge of ICS U Tin Tut (especially during the school / university holidays).

ICS U Ba Tint was U Tin Tut’s deputy.

** U Tin Tut is Bagyi Aung

The knowledge was a family secret, but was later known by close friends.

** Dr. Htin Aung is not Bagyi Aung

The earlier wrong version said that Dr. Htin Aung was Bagyi Aung. At least the names share “Aung”.


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