Sad But True

Sad But True [40]

U Chit Tin (EC69) joined MOC.

He worked in Singapore and moved back after retirement.

He was a regular attendee at the 69er gatherings.

He is the third EC69er to pass away.

U Kyaw Soe (DCA) and U Aung Thu Yein (Schlumberger) had passed away earlier.

** Notes

* There are 13 members of the Class of EC69.

* U Tun Aung Gyaw (USA) is still working on multiple projects.

* U Toung (Tom, USA) is retired. He often visits Hong Kong to see his son and grandchild.

* Daw Tin Tin (Ann, USA) was the sole female student in EE69 (both EC and EP). She came back to Gyogone Campus in December 1969 to attend the Golden Jubilee of Graduation and donate to 69er HCF. She is a volunteer for Social Projects in Southern California.

* U Win Boh (Robert, Australia), U Than Lwin (Henry), Mehm Ye Win, Sai Aik Yee … have medical problems.

* U Maung Ko attended 69er gatherings.

* U Oo Kyaw Hla is believed to be in Canada.

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