Sad But True

Sad But True [34]

U Aung Thu Yein (EC69) was my classmate in High School, Leik Khone and RIT.

He was called Brownie (Mg Nyo) for his skin complexion.

He stood 13th in Burma in the Matriculation of 1963 and won Collegiate Scholarship.

He worked for MOC and Schlumberger.

During my visit to Yangon, Duwa Zau Lai picked me up and we decided to go and see Brownie (at his house near A1 Compound). To our surprise and delight, Brownie did not change clothes or close his gate but jumped on the car.

Per his doctor’s advice, he had quit smoking and drinking.

Duwa hosted a party at his Yangon apartment, coaxed Brownie to have some drinks and gave him a bottle (to take back home). Ko Thein Swe and Sa Maung Maung were present at the mini-gathering.

The monthly Breakfast Gathering at Royal Rose was solemn. Ko Kyaw Zin offered to take us to the Neurology Ward in RGH to see Brownie (who had fallen in the shower room at his house).

I spent a few days as a temporary monk at Kaba Aye Sun Lun Gu Kyaung. 69ers did not inform me of Brownie’s demise (so that my medication practice would not be interrupted).

** Notes

Brownie played Tennis and Soccer (for his Block).

He started smoking (to fend off mosquitos) and drinking (to enjoy the end of exams).

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