Sad But True

Sad But True [32]

U Khin Maung Win (Sargalay, EP69) was a Top Student.

He would finish Drawing classes / exams early and still receive Grade 5.

He became tall and lanky and renamed himself as La Da & Galon.

He was a Training Partner for Sai Kham Pan (Burma Selected in Badminton) and represented his Township.

He posted requests to pray for him for a successful operation and recovery.

Sadly, he passed away.

* Than Win wrote :

သံသရာမှာ ရွှင်လန်းချမ်းေ မြ့ပါစေ


* Eddie Shein wrote :

ကိုခင်မောင်ဝင်း ရဲ့ လက္ခဏာ မှာ ညဏ်လမ်းကြောင်းက ဘောပင် နှင့် ဆွဲထားသလို အလွန်ထူးခြား ထင်ရှား ပြတ်သား လှပါသည်။


* David Myint Thein wrote :

Gone But Not Forgotten , Sargalay. May your soul rest in peace.

* Jamal Hasan wrote :

We pray for Paradise Nirvana

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