Sad But True

Sad But True [30]

De La Salle Schools (St. Patrick’s HS in Moulmein, St. Paul’s in Rangoon, St. Peter’s in Mandalay, St. Albert’s in Maymyo, St. Columban’s in Bhamo, St. Joseph’s in Loikaw, DLS in Twante) were managed by Brother Directors.

Brother Directors include Brother Hubert, Brother Felix, Brother Peter, Brother Clementian and Brother Edmund.

During our fifth standard at St. Paul’s, Brother Edmund was the Brother Director.

He passed away unexpectedly when Wilfred Boudville stabbed him (in a bungled burglary).

Wilfred was a (former) student. Sayama Violet Boudville’s spouse is a relative of Wilfred.

The Brothers pardoned Wilfred.

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