Sad But True

Sad But True [27]

U Win Naing (Dicky, M69, Singapore) represented RIT in Rowing. He also recruited his classmates (David, Fred, Sein Tun …) and served as their cox.

He also played Badminton.

He had problems with bowel movement. He relied on laxatives and medications.

A 69er suggested him to see another doctor for second opinion.

He was surprised to find out that he had a late stage pancreatic cancer.

He canceled his trip to Yangon to attend a 69er Reunion.

He spent his final months calmly at his home.

He passed away around the Chinese / Lunar New Year.

Due to superstition, only his family members and a few friends were present at his last journey.

* David Myint Thein wrote :

Gone But Not Forgotten, our dear friend as well as our Cox. May your soul rest in peace.

* Daniel Tint Lwin wrote :

May you rest in peace Dickie. We miss you dearly.

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