NorCal RITAA Fund Raising

Update : December 13, 2022

Dear Sayas and Alumni,

Season’s Greetings!

As 2018 is coming to end, we wish you Happy Holidays and a healthy and more prosperous 2019 !

We would like to take this opportunity to report progress and also solicit your continued support.

Scholarship Program

Over the past four years, NorCal RITAA scholarship program has made some impact on seven YTU students and seven US students in helping fund their education. Some of the students, especially at YTU, may never continue their study without the scholarship. Our Scholarship committee has developed selection criteria to find qualified and needy students in coordination with YTU Alumni Association in Myanmar. As the foundation for identifying qualified students is well established, only your continued support will enable us to sustain and even, expand this promising program.

YTU Library Project

Our alumni association sponsored the recent YTU e-library study trip to Singapore. The new library project is crucial in attaining regional accreditation status. We are planning to select a high impact subset of the project in the near future.

The generous donations from the alumni, ECs and BODs have carried us this far and made these projects possible.

We, hereby, humbly solicit your year-end charity donation dollars toward our Alma Mater. As you may be aware, the association overhead cost is mostly funded by EC and board members. Therefore Your full donation will go straight to the fund of your choice.

Our association is recognized as 503(C) by IRS. Your donation may qualify for tax deduction.

If you chose to make donation, please make check payable to “NorCalRITAA” and send to:

Edward Saw (Treasurer)

2088 Walsh Ave, #B1

Santa Clara, CA 95050

With memo indicating Scholarship Fund, YTU Library Fund, or General Fund.

On a side note, NorCal RITAA will get 0.5% of your Amazon purchase amount, if you purchase stuff from smile.amazon.com and select ‘Northern California RIT Alumni Association’. It is a no-cost program to the purchaser.



AmazonSmile: You shop. Amazon gives.

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