Sad But True

Sad But True [1]

Dr. Htay Lwin Nyo (SPHS68) was admitted to 1st BE as Roll No (1) and was selected Luyechun.

He completed EP at RIT, MSc(CS) at UCC and Doctorate in Electrical Engineering at Syracuse University, New York.

He won a patent. His last assignment was as Professor of EE at SJSU (San Jose State University).

He told his friends and students that he would retire to pursue his hobbies : writing scripts, repairing vintage cars, unconventional recipes for cooking.

He never missed his lectures at SJSU. When he did not show up a couple of times, the students were worried and inquired about him at the Department & University Offices.

The Sad Saga had been told in the BAPS Newsletter, RIT Alumni Newsletter, RIT website and my personal website

I also wrote a poem “HTAY LWIN NYO”.

I had the honor to push the button of the incinerator and to help scatter his ashes in the Santa Cruz waters.


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