Sad But True

Sad But True [2]

Update : December 11, 2022

U Tin Maung Lay (M69) found his love Margaret when he visited his former classmate and friend U Kyaw Sint (Edward Tai, T69er, Tennis & Soccer) in Southern California. She is the younger sister of Elizabeth (spouse of U Kyaw Sint) and a cousin of U Tun Aung (Jeffery, EC68).

TML moved to California, but spent most of him time working abroad (in Europe and Middle East). He came back home for the breaks.

Since they are well off and did not have children, a suggestion to retire was made.

TML agreed, but his boss & friend asked him for one final trip to train / handover.

He passed away unexpectedly — before he could retire — on a Friday (which was Sabbath & Holiday). His company tried its best to have his body flown back to California.

TML was a Health Enthusiast and worked out daily.

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