1970 - 1971

Tin Tin Myint (Emma, ChE70)

Update : December 7, 2022

Sayama Emma wrote on her 73rd birthday (on December 6, 2018)

Today is my birthday.

Am now listening to U Su Mingala and will meditate to start my next year.

Hope to do more Taya and less of everything.

I thank everyone in my life.

Love everyone.

I ask forgiveness to those whom I unknowingly did wrong.

Likewise I forgive anyone who did to me.

Am grateful for my family, my Husband, my Daughter, my Son in law and my delightful grandchildren.

Am indeed blessed.

** Editor’s Note :

Wishing Model & Minthamee turned Mae Daw Gyi & Phwa Phwa a Happy Birthday and many more to come.

You can perform Parahita and also practice Meditation.

You can also continue to enjoy the simple pleasures like Pon Chan Chan parties (with music, dancing, and cooking) and spending quality time with your lovely grand kids.

You can gain merits repeatedly by contemplating on your kusala and how you had taken care of your beloved mother.

Have a balanced life and live beyond the 120 years mentioned in your natal horoscope.

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