Update : November 26, 2022

FB has advantages and disadvantages.

Some advantages

See old postings as Memories.

Provides opportunities to get back in touch with old friends.

Share knowledge and experience with others.

Some disadvantages

FB does not remove “wrong” tags in photos.
It does not provide “untag photo”.
A mistake by a FB user gets propagated.

FB has its own algorithms to display the pages.
If you like a post, save it; otherwise, you might not be able to find it easily again.

Sometimes, FB might not be able to close sessions properly.
You might have to “log out” those open sessions.

Feedback by Khin Maung Zaw

They are not very high on content synchronization.
If you keep hitting “home”, you would see the contents change drastically.

(It is probable the request hit a different server, most of these gargantuan sites have many geo-locations with hundreds of front end servers on each locations).

Understandably, the nature of the app itself doesn’t need to be up to the second synchronized. It’s very expensive feature and needs specialized service providers to accomplish it.

The down side is that it is hard at times to back trace the previous page/content once you page forward or so.

Well, beggars can’t choose, I presume.

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