1972 - 1979

Class of 72 [01]

Update : November 26, 2022

* U Win Myint (Kabyaung, M72) is one of the few classmates that appears to have long, healthy Black hair. If so, he would be ineligible to be a Senior Pilot of BOAC (British Overseas Airways Company) for not having Grey Hair (symbolizing Wisdom). He wrote poems (some satirical or funny). Some are featured in “Poetic Art Series” by Saya U Aung Myaing (ChE72, Okpo Maung Yin Maung, Organizer), U Myo Myint (M73, Bagyee Myat Myo Myint, Illustrator) and me (Translator). He played soccer for Mechanical Engineering and scored the winning goal against U Tun Htun (Mago Gwaythamar – Magwe Goalkeeper, Min72). He bought books published recently by U Tun Htun and is promoting sales at a 72 gathering.

* Most classmates are proud to display their natural bu thee (Beauty). Some have thin grey hair.

* Cartoon Nyin Pe (M72) is a founder of RIT U70 (Under 70 – a few years back & the clock has stopped registering their age) for posting “enhanced version” of Classic Songs. The group has 10K+ members. Some Legends have supported the group with special Guest Appearances and Interviews.

* Mg Mar Ga (M72) is young in the group along with U Han Sein (M72, Top grad who joined the faculty but was lured to become a naval officer). He is a boss of his Hna Pyie. He is a Ma Ya Kha (not Ma Ya Ka) and so cannot have multiple spouses like U Mar Ga. He has four bosses in his family and has to use his culinary expertise to please them. He had medical problems and learnt about Western medicine, indigenous medicine, Say Mee Doe and First Aid. His alertness and CPR saved U Tha Tun (a senior in the group).

* U Kyaw Myint (EP72, Good Morning Bread & Bakery) donated food to several RIT-related gatherings.

* Some are not present in the photos, but used to attend the Class gatherings.

* U Kyaw Myint (T72) is the youngest in the Class of 72. He is President of MARB and an expert in Indigenous medicine. He wrote a letter to his prospective parents-in-law to win the love of his life Daw Sandi Hlaing (T72).

* Teddy Mya Bu followed his father (a member of the Chamber of Commerce) to be an entrepreneur.

* U Khin Maung Myint (John Tint, M72, GBNF) played soccer for SPHS, RIT, RU and Burma.

* U Tha Tun was bedridden after an operation. Mg Mar Ga and friends provided him a wheelchair for mobility.

* U Maung Maung Oo (GBNF) was a Nge Naing of Mg Mar Ga. He supported the activities of Mg Mar Ga.

* There are two Thein Aung.

Set Hmu Maung – Thein Aung (Met72, USA, Saya)

Set Hmu – Maung Thein Aung (M72, Singapore)

* MK Hla Win (A72, Thailand) donated food (Khauk Swe) for SPZPs.

* Kyone Sein is a core member of the group and/or trips.

* Maung Sein Win (Padeegone) is a distinguished author and poet. He also was honored by PEN.

* U Khin Maung Toe (GBNF) is an outstanding musician, composer, guitarist and vocalist. He also practiced meditation. He passed away before he could perform “Thamudaya Kyaung” at the group’s Reunion and Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe. DVDs were handed out to the attendees. Maung Sein Win (Padeegone) was scheduled to recite the poem (basis of the song), but he felt so sad and left without reciting it. 

* I met several from the Class at their Reunion & Acariya Pu Zaw Pwe, Lunch gathering at an Indian restaurant and Dinner gathering at a Chinese restaurant.

** Feedback

* Mg Mar Ga wrote :

I must whisper to u that kabyaung’s hair colour is man made. Hee hee..

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