Update : November 25, 2022

* In the USA, the fourth Thursday of November is celebrated as Thanksgiving.

It used to be the start of shopping spree with Black Friday and Cyber Monday until Christmas & New Year.

There were stampedes at the malls and shops.

With online shopping and never-ending bargain sales, wars, inflation and massive layoffs, it is not clear about the impact of Thanksgiving in the economy.

* Other countries celebrate Thanksgiving on a different day.

Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on the Second Monday in October.

Some may celebrate similar events.

* For us, every day is Thanksgiving Day.

* We were raised by our loving Let Oo Sayas.

Our philanthropic ancestors showed us the importance of empathy and sharing of knowledge & wealth. Our Thin Sayas, Myin Sayas and Kyar Sayas helped us to understand the Meaning of Life and to acquire various skills.

* My family members supported my volunteer activities including 23+ years as messenger and organizer of the Engineering Community.

The young ones provide Vitamins and Second Wind.

* Several of our benefactors are GBNF.

* Thanks also to colleagues, friends, former students for their support and help.

* Kudos to those who have kept the RIT Spirit alive and well (even during the Adhamma Era).

* Happy Thanksgiving to our readers & their families.

* Hope to meet many after the end of the pandemic and the Calamities.

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