SPHS VIIIA (1960 – 61)

Update : November 25, 2022

A part of the Group Photo was posted by Dr. Nyunt Wai (SPHS63).

First Row (Sitting) :
Brother Felix served as Brother Director. After nationalization, he moved back to Germany.
Saya U Nyunt Maung taught Burmese
Saya Beatson taught Physics. He was Scout Master.
Brother Anthony was Class Teacher. He taught Mathematics.

Second Row (Standing) :
Herbert KCL (Khai Chin Liang) was a member of the Band.
Kok Leong became a doctor).
Brownie Way (Aung Thu Yein, EC69, GBNF) stood 13th in the Matriculation of 1963. He worked for MOC and Schlumberger.
Tommy Aung attended RASU.

Third Row (Standing) :
Aung Chaw (Victor, C69) studied Civil Engineering. After retirement, he became a monk. He is known as Sayadaw U Okkantha. He resided at Sagaing Hills before moving to Thonegwa.
Maung Maung Kyi (Dip Ing) is Full Green at RUBC (Rangoon University Boat Club). He studied Pulp and Paper for his ChE at Dresden University. Hw worked for Sittaung Paper Mill and PpIC. He is now enjoying retirement in Wales, UK.
There were two Than Win. One is also known as Henry Wong.
Nay Lin is a buddy of Than Win (Henry).
Eddie Nyunt was a member of the SPHS football team.

Fourth Row (Standing) :
Win Maung was boarder and a member of the Band. He studied Medicine.
Than Htay is a cousin of Win Maung, He studied Engineering.
Edwin David (GBNF) became Priest of St. Mary’s Cathedral.
Orlando Thein was Boarder and a member of the Band. He studied Medicine.
Jerry Hin Hwa (Htin Paw) was Captain of the football team. He became an Editor. He was also a member of the Band.

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