1972 - 1979

U Aung Myaing (ChE72)

Update : November 20, 2022

Brief Bio

  • Matriculated from Okpo High School
  • Joined Chemical Engineering Department after graduation
  • Received Masters from RIT and Melbourne University
  • Taught at RIT for 18 years
  • Taught as full-time Lecturer at Rengsit University (Thailand) for 3 years
  • Taught Metallurgical students solid-gas reactions for two semesters at Chulalongkorn University of Thailand as part-time lecturer
  • Worked for a refinery and petrochemical complex in Thailand as a refinery technology manager/advisor for 26 years
  • Presented a number of papers about refinery at various international conferences
  • Retired but un-retired for a lucrative offer as Consultant

Activities and Achievements

  • Member, RIT U70 Group
    Producer, Music Videos
  • Organizer, Poetic Art Series
    Poet : Okpo Maung Yin Maung
  • Won the heart of Myeik Thu
    Ma Gyn Yu (ChE72) was the second youngest in the Class of 72
    She said to others, “Don’t you have Na Ma?”


  • Split time between Thailand and California.
  • Read naming conventions
    Finally decided to use “Yu Aung” in their children’s names
  • Min Yu Aung (son)
    alumni of Assumption University
    worked in Telecommunications
  • Hnin Yu Aung (daughter)
    BS and MS from USA
    worked as Software Engineer
  • RIT Ambassadors in Thailand
    Helped sayas and alumni during their trips to Thailand (some for medical check up and treatment)
  • Recently hosted a BBQ lunch gathering at Hnin’s house
    Attendees :
    Saya George (U Maung Maung, ChE66) & spouse,
    Trixie Tan (ChE72),
    Saya U Thein Aung (Met72, Mr. RIT68) and Sandra (M76),
    me and my spouse


Pon Tu by Bagyee Myat Myo Myint
U Aung Myaing
Daw Gyn Yu
ChE Gathering hosted by Saya George
Class of 72
Paying respect to Dr. Maung Maung Win
ChE Gathering
Translation of Poem
Alumni Gathering hosted by U Aung Myaing & Daw Gyn Yu


  • Mg Mar Ga wrote :

လက်တွဲညီသောစုံတွဲကျောင်းတုန်းကမဂင်ယုတို့နေ့လည်ထမင်းစားဆင်းလာရင် ဂင်ယုနင့်ကိုငါချစ်တယ် လို့ A Block ကနေစခဲ့နောက်ခဲ့တာအားနာလိုက်တာအခုတော့မောင်နှမတွေဖြစ်နေပြီ​ေအောင်မြိုင်ကတော့အစထဲကညီအကိုဖြစ်နေတာ ကျန်တော်လုပ်တဲ့အများအကျိုးမှန်သမျှသူတို့မပါတာတခုမှမရှိ တကယ်သာနတ်ဖြစ်ကြေးဆိုရင်neighbour ဖြစ်မှာသေချာ အကိုလှမင်းလဲအိမ်နီးချင်းဖြစ်မှာ

Micro-gathering in Thailand in November 2022

  • U Aung Myaing & Daw Gyn Yu
  • U Khin Maung & Daw Khin Mu Mu

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