1970 - 1971

Stanley Saw (M71)

Update : November 20, 202

Each count down refreshes my memory of the days I studied at RIT. I would like to share three which are dear to me.

We had to write a Burmese essay on “Khit Thit Ahloo” at one of Saya U Kyaw Hlaing’s classes. Most of us wrote accusingly about the pakhathana types in the cities contrasted against the purportedly more sincere ones in towns and villages. The winning essay was written on donating blood. I have since learnt a lifelong lesson and understanding of generosity.

On the lighter side of learning, I recall engineering drawing which was taught in the huts. We had to draw plans, elevations and side views of intricately shaped blocks. The concepts of hidden lines was explained using the analogy of an attractive girl wearing tight fitting and loose fitting attire.

What sticks most in my mind – my life – is Saya U Sein Shan’s introduction to calculus. He very simply stated that hair grows so we have it cut say every month. It still grows in a day but we hardly notice the growth. It must therefore grow every hour … every minute … every second. Let’s call this change dx and the time interval dt. So we have dx/dt which is fundamental to very small scale quantum physics and also to very large scale planetary systems. 30 years later this simple concept of dx/dt (x being any variable) I have come to realize, is also awareness attained by intense contemplation, concentration and meditation.

The training and education we received from all our Sayas and Sayamas at RIT is indeed second to none. I can say this with certainty because I have also studied at other universities.

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