1970 - 1971

Class of 71

Update : November 20, 2022


U Tin Win (EC 71)

Saya U Tin Win (EC71) shared a photo from 2014 taken with his EP/EC classmates.

Saya U Tin Win wrote :

Ko Than Hlaing , Ko Than Hlaing, Ko Kyaw Win and our special friend Nyi Nyi Soe ( Sandayar ) from Myeik.

Editor’s Note :

U Tin Win worked at UCC before moving to FRI.


U Saw Lin (C71)

Mabel (wife), U Saw Linn, Prof. A. Vathsala, Win Naing (Kidney Donor, brother), and Dr. Khaing Thanda Lin (daughter) on June 8, 2004

U Saw Lin (C71) wrote :

ကၽြန္ေတာ္ ၂၁-၄-၂၀၀၄ ေန႔၌ Singapore General Hospital တြင္ Kidney Transplant ျပဳလုပ္ရပါသည္။ ခြဲစိတ္စဥၤ အခန္႔မသင္႔၍ ႀကီးမားေသာျပႆနာတစ္ရပ္ေပၚေပါက္ခဲ႔ရာ Transplant ေက်ာက္ကပ္ ျပန္အလုပ္လုပ္လာေအာင္ အသည္းအသန္ကုယူခဲ႔ရပါသည္၊ ထိုအခ်ိန္မွစၿပီး ယခုထက္တိုင္ေအာင္ပင္ ကၽြန္ေတာ္႔အား စစ္ေဆးကုသေပးေနသည္႔ Professor Dr. A Vathsala ႏွင္႔အတူ ေဆးရံုမွဆင္းၿပီး ရန္ကုန္ျပန္ ခါနီး 8-6-2004 ေန႔တြင္ရိုက္ကူးထားသည္႔အမွတ္တရဓါတ္ပံု။

Editor’s Notes :

  • U Saw Linn served as Secretary of the RIT Civil Engineering Association.
  • He was in charge of Technical Publications at MES (Myanmar Engineering Society). He mailed me a few MES publications.
  • During my visits to Yangon in 2012, he hosted a dinner gathering and presented me a Xeroxed copy of “RIT Cartoons”.
  • He also gave me a ride to the SPZP-2012 Preparatory Meetings.
  • I learned that he had medical problems, but he would give his best to make SPZP-2012 memorable.
  • He wore several hats. He headed the committees for Logistics, Security and the Publication of the commemorative issue of Swel Daw Yeik Magazine and the re-printing of 23 Vintage RIT Annual Magazines.
  • He also founded and moderated the Facebook pages for RIT Alumni.
  • He is GBNF.

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