Sad Days in March

Update : November 15, 2022

March 1962

  • The Union of Burma lost Democracy on March 2, 1962.
  • The 17-man Revolutionary Council staged Coup D’etat.

March 1988

  • Ko Phone Maw (5th year RIT student and Lanzin Lu Nge) was hit by a stray bullet on March 13, 1988.
  • Ko Soe Naing and Ko Myint Oo were also hit and hospitalized in not-so-humane conditions.
  • Ko Soe Naing succumbed to the gun shot wounds.
  • Ko Myint Oo “survived“.
  • March 13 was declared as “Burma Human Rights Day” and “Phone Maw and Soe Naing Nay“.
  • During the Pwint Linn Era, requisites were offered in memory of Ko Phone Maw and Ko Soe Naing.

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