Update : November 15, 2022

Conventional wisdom says, “Practice makes perfect.”

Unconventional wisdom says, “Perfect practice makes perfect.”

In our Matriculation class, Brother Clementian — former Brother Director who continued teaching — gave a weekly one-hour Mathematics test on Saturdays. We had to answer three questions. With the practice, most of us did well in the examination where we had to answer six questions in three hours. It was an example of “Perfect practice makes perfect.” He would hand out the answer papers on Monday. He would call those who did not do well to a special session after school.

To paraphrase Horowitz (a famous pianist) :

“If I do not practice for a day, only I will know. If I do not practice for three days, my mom will know. If I do not practice for a week my audience will know.”

There are several practice sessions before an event (e.g. Entertainment at SPZP). There may even be a Full Dress Rehearsal (final practice).

Giving a reasonably good “Prepared Speech” requires practice, but the practice should not involve blind repetition. One should try to remember the main points and the transitions.

Practice helps a good athlete to become a great athlete.

Ko Richard Yu Khin (MEHS61) wrote about the tough practice sessions given by Mr. Matsuda for ten selected Burmese swimmers. They had to swim five 50 yard sprints with one minute interval. He helped Tin Maung Ni shine in Burma and beyond.

Dr. Thane Oke Kyaw Myint (SPHS60) wrote :

And why do qualified doctors keep on “practicing”?

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