Update : November 15, 2022

Intermediate College

U Min Than Thoung (Maurice) and Daw Su Su taught Physics in our I. Sc (A) class in 1963.

Saya Maurice was the top student of his Honors class in 1961. He rowed as Bow in the Golden Crew along with Victor Htun Shein (Stroke, GBNF), Sunny Teng (3), Mya Maung (Min Aung, 2) and Tun Wa (Cox). They won two Senior Novices and several Color Challenge and later became RUBC Gold. Saya did graduate studies in Germany. He retired as Rector of Universities’ Distance Learning.

Rangoon Institute of Technology

We joined 2nd BE in November 1964. We had to take nine subjects including Physics.

RIT Physics Department

Daw Nyein (GBNF) was Lecturer and Head of Department. She was an early Burmese female scholar to receive MS from US. Sayama lived to be 101 years young.

Daw May Than Nwe (Joyce, GBNF) was the top student of her Honors class in 1962. She and Saya U Thein Lwin (EE) moved to Singapore.

U Saw Hlaing (GBNF) volunteered at Thu Ka Kar Yi (Sunday Cleaning) Group at Shwe Dagon Pagoda and a Lu Nge Yay Yar School. He studied in Japan. He served as Principal of Taunggyi College and as Director in DHE.

Senior Sayas and Sayamas

  • U Hlwan Mo (Head of Department) & Daw Khin Swe Aye (Emily)
  • U Tha Hlaing (Head of Department)
  • U Nyunt Yin


At St. Paul’s High School, Saya Beatson taught us Physics. He also served as Scout Master. After retirement, he became a monk. He is the lone remaining saya from our SPHS days. Harry Kyaw, Atom Hla and some more Paulians offered soon to Sayadaw during his visits to Yangon.

Dr. Maung Maung Kha (GBNF) served as Rector of RU, RASU and U of Distance Learning. He is a good violinist. He attended RUBC Regattas to award prizes.

U San Tha Aung (GBNF) served as DG of DHE. He co-authored Saya Kha a Physics Textbook in Burmese.

Dr. Boon Chiong (Hla Shwe, First in Burma in 1963), Dr. Tin Maung and Dr. Tin Aung received their doctorates from US. The first two moved back to US.

Dr. Tin Aung taught at RU until he was forced to resign in 1988. Saya was elected as Patron (in absentia) of the Sayas’ Association during the 8-8-88 movement.

U Kin Sein was a Director at DHE.

U Kyaw Mya Thein (GBNF) wrote Kar Ku La Thin Char (Calculus). He retired as Pro-Rector of ICST.

Dr. Zin Aung (GBNF) won a Gold Medal as the top student in his Honors class in 1958. He received his doctorate from UK. He later taught at Assumption University.

U Thein Aung (Micky, SPHS59, GBNF) became RUBC Gold in 1962. He later became a member of the RUBC Admin Committee (after the RU Sports Council decided to ignore the Bylaws). He studied in Japan and later worked for a Japanese company in Yangon.

Daw May Than Nwe
U Saw Hlaing

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