Update : November 15, 2022

In my younger days, processing photos was relatively expensive.

I received a “Box Camera” which did not require much expertise. Even then, processing a film roll of 12 pictures cost 3 – 5 kyats (if you take it to Ahuja or similar shops).

Yashica Mat was my next camera. I had to learn about the film type (ASA/DIN), focus (lens and speed). My uncle and cousins had a “dark room” to process the films.

There were two Edward Hla Shwe in our class at SPHS. One’s family owns a photo shop and got some contract from the school to take Annual Group Photos. We had to pay one kyat for the plain (unmounted) photo and K1.50 for the mounted photo (with the captions). Understandably, most of us chose plain photos. Little did we realize then that some day we would not be able to remember the names of our classmates.

The Black and White gave way to Color Photo. My brother gave me Color Films, but we had to ask our friends abroad to process them.

Until Dat Pon Sann Aung (M74) and like minded people set up Studios for processing Color Photos.

With the smart phones and the professional cameras — aided by the software — even my grand daughter can take reasonably good photos.

“Tone Kyaw” Ko Han Sein (C69, GBNF) enjoys showing off his “special effects” for the photos taken at the 69er Monthly Breakfast Gatherings.

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