Peter Khin Tun

Peter’s Drawings for Cho Cho Hlaing’s Thesis *

Update : November 15, 2022

Thesis for Diploma in German

In 1981, Cho Cho Hlaing studied for Diploma in German. A requirement was to submit a thesis. She chose to describe “The cultural background of preparing and serving of Burmese Food“.

The thesis comprised of 8 chapters. The first chapter described Dana, such as offering (Soon Laung De) to a row of Sanghas (monks), and Soon Kyway at home.

For each chapter Peter (Khin Tun) did a wonderful drawing. There were altogether ten drawings which clearly express the text, “A Picture is Worth A Thoughtful Words”.

Cho Cho Hlaing gained Credit in the Final Exam.

The Professor was very impressed with Peter’s drawings.

Cho Cho Hlaings’s Thesis for Diploma in German

Offering of Ah Yone Soon in the village

Food offered to monks at dusk by the villagers

Offering of the Ah Yone Soon in the Village.

Preparing for Soon Kway in the village

Soon Kyway

Rice / Paddy fields

A hut in the Rice / Paddy field

The boys at the monastery having meal on Daunglan

Staple food from different parts of Burma

Burmese Htamin Waing

Image may contain: drawing

What shall I eat?

As Myanmar is located between two gastronomical countries (China and India) the boy was thinking and scratching his head thinking what he should eat.

Three specialties that are described in detail in the thesis

La Phet (Pickled Tea Leaves),

Htamane (Sticky Rice)

and Thingyan Htamin (Specially prepared for consuming during the Thingyan Water Festival).


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