Update : November 15, 2022

  • I love you because
  • Take these chains
  • Lost Neikban RIT

I Love You Because

by Hla Min

  • Many years ago, I wrote a parody.
  • I love you because” (sung by Jim Reeves) was one of the hits played by Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS).
  • I wrote a light version of the song.
  • I did not have a Home Minister at that time to edit or veto it.

I love you because

I love you
because you always stand dear
every time I opened up the door
You’re always there
to help me eat my jam dear
I love you more
because you never snore.

No matter
When you’re sleeping or awake dear
You’re pretty
as the craters on the moon
I love you
every minute of the hour dear
Because you said
You’d cry
beside my tomb

I love you
because my pocket’s lighter
every time you shop
around the town
I love you
because you’re a great fighter
But you promised
you would never
knock me down

Take These Chains

by Hla Min

  • Take these chains” was a song that was played often by BBS.
  • Thamankyar Ko Myint (Mn70) sang a Burmese song using the tune.
  • I tried to parody the song.

Take these chains

Take these chains from my legs and set me free
And the rope that ties me to this tree
If you really pity me
let me drink a glass of Zee
Take these chains from my legs and set me free

I’m charged with murder of a tiny, little flea
“Cruel” said the judge and he would not hear my plea.
So, if you really pity me
let me sip a cup of tea
Take these chains from my legs and set me free

Take this scarf from my eyes and let me see
If your waist still measures twenty three
When I’m free I’ll marry you
Even barrel shape will do
Take these chains from my legs and set me free

Lost Neikban RIT

by U Myat Htoo

  • U Myat Htoo wrote a parody on “Pyauk Sone Nay Thaw Neikban Bon” (the song by Sai Kham Leik and Sai Htee Saing).
  • Played the Ukelele and sang the song at the 2015 Alumni Reunion in Los Angeles.
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