Peter Khin Tun


Update : November 15, 2022

One of ten sketches drawn by Peter in 1981 to illustrate his aunt’s thesis

P Peter (NHS Hero) paid a high price for misguided policies and guidelines
E Envisioned retirement to spend quality time with his extended family
T Talented Doctor, Gourmet Chef, Sketch and Oil Painter — to name a few
E Educated and/or entertained aspiring medical specialists far and near
R Real irreparable loss to patients, friends, family and community

P Pote Pote Kyee (see “Cho Cho Hlaing”)
E Enthusiastic learner and practitioner (see “Aung Jee”)
T Took care of parents of relatives, patients and friends (see “Min Ko”)
E Ever smiling and helpful (see “Ye Myint”)
R Rural doctor with a huge heart (see “Vicky Bowman)

85th Birthday of Ma Cherry (Peter’s mom)
Zoom gathering for offering Dana in memory of Peter

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