Update : November 15, 2022


  • March was the first month of the old Roman Calendar.
  • March is the third month of the Gregorian Calendar.
  • Named after Mars (God of War)
  • March has 31 days.
  • Vernal/Spring Equinox (for the Northern Hemisphere) falls between March 19 and 21
  • The “First Day of Spring” is celebrated by some (e.g. Persians) as the New Year


March 2

Coup d’etat

  • The Coup was led by a 17-man Revolutionary Council.
    It took place on March 2, 1962.
    The Council used the pretext that “the Union of Burma was falling into an abyss”.
    It was a Dark Day for the Union of Burma.
    The authorities insisted that the coup was bloodless despite the fact that a son of Sao Shwe Thaike (First President of the Union of Burma) died.
    We were in the midst of taking our HSF (High School Final) examination when the coup took place. Armored cars and security were everywhere.
    It was the first “HSF ONLY” examination in Burma. Before that the HSF & Matriculation examinations were the same. Most go on to the University. Some received a School Leaving Certificate (good for applying selected government jobs).
  • Mahn Win Maung (President), U Nu (Prime Minister) and Cabinet ministers were arrested.
    There were only a few days left for the Presidency.
  • Sama Duwa Sinwa Naung was designated to succeed Mahn Win Maung as President.
    He was denied the Presidency.

Peasants’ Day

  • The military government moved Peasant’s Day from January 1 to March 2.
  • Since March 2 became a Public holiday, some chose it to hold the SPZPs.
  • The Class of 87 & 91 hold their SPZPs on March 2.
  • Botahtaung (6) – formerly St.Paul’s High School — hold their SPZPs on March 2.

March 13

  • Phone Maw Day
    He was a Fifth Year student at RIT and was killed by a “stray” bullet
  • Burma’s Human Rights Day
    Celebrated by the City of Berkeley in California, USA
Invitation to Soon Kyway for Phone Maw

March 27

  • It is a Public holiday in Burma.
  • Originally, it was named “Taw Hlan Yay Nay” (Resistance Day) to commemorate March 27, 1945.
  • Some refer to it as the “Fascist Taw Hlan Yay Nay” .
  • Others call it the “Armed Forces Day”.

Sometimes : Full Moon Day of Tabaung

  • The Full Moon Day of Tabaung (a month in the Lunar Calendar) sometimes fall in March (a month in the Gregorian Calendar).
  • Our ancestors used to give “Satu Ditha” (Food Offering) at the Shwe Dagon Pagoda on the Full Moon Day of Tabaung.


  • Final examinations were usually held in March.
    Schools then close for the Summer holidays (including Thingyan).
    Coup d’etat occurred while we were taking the First HSF Only examination held in March 1962.
    The authorities annulled the examination for the Rangoon Division claiming there were “question leaks”.
    We — the unlucky guys — had to retake the HSF examination in August 1962.
    We ended up having to take our Matriculation (the first Matriculation Only) examination in May, 1963.
  • To the Fallen Warrior (Poem)
    My poem appeared in Forward Magazine.
    I received a remuneration of Fifteen Kyats.
  • Beware the Ides of March
    Julius Caesar
  • Mad as a March Hare
    Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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