Kha Lay

Update : November 15, 2022

Kha Lay means child.

Kha Lay Ba Wa means childhood. The days of the innocent childhood became a theme of the song composed by Sai Kham Leik and sung by Sai Htee Saing.

Kha Lay Ah Thinn

A few months ago, my cousin sister said, “I still have the paper with the song that you wrote for Kha Lay Ah Thinn.”

  • When we were young, there was no Internet or TV.
  • The Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS) would broadcast for specified hours in the morning, afternoon, evening and night.
  • We spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • One hangout was the corner in our uncle’s compound.
  • Someone came up with the idea that we should form a “Kha Lay Ah Thinn”. I was chosen to be the “Okkahta” (President). I am not a composer, but that did not prevent from trying out a “Theme Song”. The music and lyrics were not spectacular, but I would have earned a nod for moving out of my comfort zone.
  • We did not have fund. Our uncles, aunts and elder cousins decided to help with the fund raiser. There was the renowned “Bu Thee Gyaw & Ah Chin”. It may be a sign that I would become an organizer.


  • I did not cherish going to school at an early age.
  • It was not fun to use slate.
  • All that changed when a caring Karen Christian Teacher named “Teacher Kywe” magically transformed me into a dutiful student with an inquiring mind.


With Myees
  • The elder Myee (4.5 year old) attends Pre-school.
  • The younger Myee (2 years old) attends Day Care.
  • They have lots of books, educational kits and toys.
  • They enjoy their weekends by visiting zoos, play grounds, kid gyms, and children museums.
  • They like TV, You Tube and taking photos.

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