Kan So & Kan Kaung

Update : November 15, 2022

Kan So means “Unlucky” and Kan Kaung means “Lucky“.

  • One can be unlucky at times, but Good Luck might come your way unexpectedly.
  • A cousin brother was riding a bus back to Rangoon. He sat in the seat nearest the driver. One person demanded him to give up the seat. My cousin felt Kan So.
    Sometime later, there was an accident. The truck in front was carrying logs (or similar). One log crashed the glass of the bus, and hit the “arrogant” passenger, who died. My cousin felt Kan Kaung.
  • U Than Lwin lost his beloved spouse due to a “hit-and-run” driver. She went out to buy some food. U Than Lwin felt Kan So.
    Later, he srudied Japanese at IFL (Institute of Foreign Languages) and received his Diploma. He was requested to help the “Ah Yoe Kauk Ah Phwe” from Japan. He helped several teams led by a Veteran Officer who was in Burma. One day, the leader asked how he and his team can acknowledge his service as a kind and diligent translator. U Than Lwin asked, “Can you help some of my children study in Japan?” The answer was affirmative. The children returned from Japan and became successful entrepreneurs. U Than Lwin felt Kan Kaung.

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