Update : November 15, 2022

Fire is a good servant but a bad master.

Fire is one of man’s five enemies.

There are several causes of fire. They include :

  • failure of power and gas lines
  • lightning
  • negligence
  • hate crimes
  • arson

In 2018, three fires occurred in California almost at the same time and caused severe damage. It was a relief to learn that the Burmese in California are not affected by the fires.

Camp Fire devastated Paradise in Northern California and transformed it into Hell.

Smoke from the “worst fire in California” polluted air to cities near and fire. Several people wore masks. The term “worst” refers to the fact that the number of structures (buildings, garages, and barns) destroyed by Camp Fire is a new record.

Some were trapped inside the cars while trying to flee. Some had to leave their cars behind. A few managed to walk to safety.

Fire occurred in two places in Southern California.

  • Thousand Oaks had a double tragedy : fire following a senseless mass murder.
  • Malibu — home of selected actors and actresses — was also hit by fire.

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