Update : November 15, 2022

  • Ko Cecil Teoh (C63) and Ko Edward Teoh (M64) are the 3rd and 5th of the 15 Teoh Siblings named alphabetically — from A (Albert) to O (Oscar).
  • Kenny Teoh was the web master of MEHS (Methodist English High School) web site.
  • Ko Aung Win (Owen, M71) is the 4th of 6 Khoo Siblings.
  • The first 5 were named after vowels — A (Alan), E (Eddie), I (Iris), O (Owen), U (Unice).
  • The youngest is named after the first consonant : B (Beepo).
  • Dave Singh Saluja (SPHS63) left RIT to found Rama Enterprise in Bangkok with his eldest brother (MIT Alumnus, GBNF).
  • Their father Teja Singh was an Entrepreneur, who passed on his expertise to his seven sons.
  • Dave and his siblings live and work in USA, UK, India and Thailand.
  • Dave collected comics, cartoons and jokes; he was Humor Editor of the Newsletter published by RIT English Association.
  • Singh is a common middle name for male Sikhs.
    It was established partly to counter discrimination (in the caste dominant days).
  • Saluja is a family name.
  • Ko Kyaw Myint (T72) is the youngest of 13 siblings.
  • Four brothers — U Saw Maung (85 years), Dr. Kan Nyunt (83 years), U Sein Tun (81 years) and Ko Kyaw Myint (71 years) are alive and well.
  • His great great grandfather had 40 spouses concurrently — unbroken record in the family.
    The closest challenger had only 4 (not concurrent).
D S Saluja
Ko Kyaw Myint and brothers

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