Exam Systems

Update : November 15, 2022

Intermediate College

  • During a period, students at the University of Rangoon [and Mandalay] attended Intermediate (A) classes for a year, but they did not have to take the examination.
  • They then attended Intermediate (B) classes for a year. They then take the examination for both courses.

Compart System

  • There used to be two examinations for a class.
    The students have two chances to pass.
  • The first examination was usually held in March.
    Those who pass all subjects are eligible to apply for stipends and grants.
  • Those who pass at least three subjects have to take the remaining subjects in the second examination, which was usually held in June.

Saya U Ba Toke

  • Saya was born in December, 1920.
  • He attended Mandalay University.
  • He joined the Students’ Strike Camp, and missed the first examination held in March.
  • The strike ended, and Saya took all the subjects in the second examination and passed.
  • He wanted to attend the Faculty of Engineering in Rangoon, but he needed a stipend. He could not get the stipend because he did not take the first examination.
  • Saya’s teachers persuaded him to take Mathematics Honors in Mandalay.

Dr. Tint Lwin

  • He took the Pure Science option for I.Sc.
  • He attended engineering classes for a while, but he changed his mind to study Medicine.
    He took the classes needed to study medicine (e.g. Biology) and the supplementary exams.
    Finally, he was admitted to the MBBS classes.
  • During his university days, he was Goalkeeper for the University First Eleven. He team mates include Collegian Nay Win, Tun Kyi and Kenneth Shein.
  • After retirement, he moved to the USA.

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