Events in December

Update : November 15, 2022

Saya U Ba Toke
  • December 1, 1920 :
    Rangoon University Act
  • RU Golden Jubilee in 1970
  • RU Diamond Jubilee in 1995
  • RU Centennial in 2020
  • December 2, 2020 :
    Saya U Ba Toke passed away a few days before his Centennial Birthday (December 26, 2020)
  • December 5, 1920 :
    First RU Students’ Strike
    Caused amendments to the RU Act.
    Led to the establishment of Amyothar Kyaung (National School) and Amyothat Kawleik (College)
    The Amyothar Nay (National Day) is celebrated using the Burmese date (may sometimes fall in November)
  • December 1961 :
    Second SEAP Games
    Hosted in Rangoon
    Burma dominated in Track and Field, Swimming, Volleyball …
    About 20 athletes from RU represented Burma in the Games (See photo provided by Dr. Richard Yu Khin)
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  • December 1968 :
    Apollo 8 orbited the Moon and flew back safely to earth
    Crew : Frank Borman, James Lowell and Bill Anders
  • December 1969 :
    Fifth SEAP Games
    Hosted in Rangoon
    Htay Aung (M69) played for the Burma Water Polo team
    His spouse Than Than is Burma Sprint Champion.
    Myint Aung won 6 Golds in Gymnastics.
    Jimmy Crampton won Golds in Middle Distance.
    Shimbwegun won Golds in Long Distance.
    Forward Magazine published my poemTill we meet again“.

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Fifth SEAP Games
  • December 26, 1920 :
    Saya U Ba Toke’s birthday

Other notable events

  • Pearl Harbor Attack
    (gave US a reason to enter WWII)
  • Christmas
    (adapted native practices such as Yule Tide to celebrate the birth of Jesus)
  • Winter Solstice
    (shortest day and longest night in Northern Hemisphere)
  • Jewish and African American celebrations
  • New Year’s Eve
    (Ushering in the New Year, e.g. at Times Square in New York)
  • Some Dec born :
    Aung Thu Yein (Brownie Way, SPHS63, EC69, GBNF)
    Maung Maung Kyi (SPHS63)
    My sister
    Saya U Tin Maung Nyunt (M)
    My beloved spouse
    Saya Allen Htay (C, GBNF)
    Saya U Thein Tan (C)
    Some relatives
Aung Thu Yein
Maung Maung Kyi


  • The Year in Review
    in some newspapers, magazines, TV and Cable channels
  • Man of the Year (e.g. Times Magazine)
    Similar : Athlete / Machine / Product … of the Year
  • Remembering
    Celebrities, loved ones … who passed away
  • Some are reluctant to say “Merry” Christmas and “Happy” New Year
    since they have felt the restraints by the pandemic and the calamities.
  • We were told to hope for the Best and to prepare for the Worst.
  • We hope to see a Happy New Year 2023 .

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