Update : November 15, 2022


  • AD stands for Anno Domini / “In the year of our Lord”
  • Also known as CE (Common Era)
  • Usually differs from the Burmese Era by 638
    Note : Burmese New Year falls in mid-April.
    So, the Gregorian year will span two Burmese years.


  • BC stands for “Before Christ


  • Burmese / Myanmar Era
  • Started off with Sasana Era
  • Now differs by 1182 due to “Thet ka rit phyo” (adjustment by two Kings who believed in the astrological “kain khan” sayings)


  • SE stands for Sasana Era
    Sasana is usually rendered as “Dispensation of Buddha”
  • SE is reckoned from Maha Parinibbana (Death of Lord Buddha)
  • In the mid 1950s, the Sixth Buddhist Council was held at the Kaba Aye (World Peace) Pagoda to celebrate the 2500 year of the Sasana Era.

Sample Conversions

Suppose the Burmese Era is 1382 BE,
then Sasana Era = 1382 + 1182 = 2564
and Common Era = 1382 + 638 = 2020

January, February, March and early April of 2020 AD will correspond to 1381 BE
The latter part of April, and May to December of 2020 AD will correspond to 1382 BE.

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