Einstein Jokes

Update : November 15, 2022

  • In our younger days, there were Newton jokes.
  • Later, there were Einstein jokes.
  • It is possible that someone processed a joke about an absent minded professor and then attributed to a famous person.

Einstein Joke (1)

It was raining. Einstein took off his hat and hid it in his coat.

A student asked “Why?”

The reply : “My hat is new and can be damaged. My head cannot be damaged by the rain.”

Einstein Joke (2)

A ticket inspector boarded a train. Einstein searched for his pockets.

The inspector said, “You need not show me the ticket. You are Einstein.”

The reply: “I do not know which stop I should get down.”

Einstein Joke (3)

Einstein was carrying a stack of books. He collided with a lovely student.

The books fell down. The student collected the books and returned them to Einstein.

Einstein asked, “Which way was I going?”

The student replied, “You were going towards the school.”

Einstein felt relieved. “Then, I must have had my lunch at home.”

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