Update : November 15, 2022

  • Numerals
  • Magggingas
  • Precepts for Ajivatthamaka sila
  • Uposatha Precepts
  • Importune Moments
  • Miscellaneous


  • HIndu-Arabic numeral : 8
  • Roman Numeral : VIII


  • Samma dithi / Right view
  • Samma sankappa / Right thoughts
  • Samma vaca :/ Right speech
  • Samma kamanta / Right action
  • Samma ajiva / Right livelihood
  • Samma vayamo / Right effort
  • Samma sati / Right mindfulness
  • Samma samadhi / Right concentration

Precepts for Ajivatthamaka sila

Abstain from

  • killing living beings
  • taking what is not freely given
  • committing sexual misconduct
  • telling lies
  • slandering or divisive speech
  • harsh speech
  • frivolous talk or talking nonsense
  • wrong livelihood

Uposatha Precepts

Abstain from

  • killing living beings
  • taking what is not freely given
  • ignoble conduct (sexual intercourse)
  • telling lies
  • intoxicating drinks and drugs that cause heedlessness
  • eating after mid-day (until next dawn)
    (a) dancing, singing, playing music, witnessing shows or entertainment
    (b) wearing flowers, using perfumes, beautifying with cosmetics
  • using high and luxurious seas and beds

Importune Moments

  • Being born in hell
  • Being born in the animal realm
  • Being born in the Peta realm (of ghosts or ever-hungry beings) and in the Asura realm (of demons)
  • Being born as a long-lived Brahma in the realms of No-Perception (Asannasatta) and No-Form (Arupaloka)
  • Being born as a person in a remote borderland inaccessible to monks, nuns, and lay people
  • Being born as a person with wrong views
  • Being born as a man with no intelligence to understand the Dhamma
  • Being born as a man with intelligence but when the Buddha has not arisen


  • Octave
    Eight notes apart
  • August
    Eighth month in the Gregorian Calendar
  • October
    Eighth month in the Old Roman Calendar
  • President’s Challenge Cup (RUBC)
    Inter-club Coxed Eights
  • Gallon
    Eight pints
  • Mile
    Eight furlongs
  • Sabbath includes 8th Waxing day and 8th Waning day

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