Education Systems

Update : November 15, 2022

  • The following are examples of the Changing Education System.
  • The terms “Old”, “New” and “Newer” depend on the context.

Old System : Options for Matriculation students

In the old system, Matriculation students can take

  • Burmese
  • Lower Burmese (for a restricted time)
  • Optional Burmese
  • English
  • Optional English
  • Mathematics
  • Additional Mathematics
  • Physics, Chemistry, …
  • History, Geography, …
  • Usually five Subjects (not restricted to Science only, or Arts only)
  • One extra subject (as insurance)

Old System : Options for University Students

In the old system, University students can

  • switch from one discipline to another
    e.g. Engineering back to Medicine, Pure Science, Arts …
  • take Double Maths (Pure, Applied)
  • take Triple Maths (Pure, Applied, Statistics)
  • join B.L, B.ED, … (after their Bachelors)
  • 3-year Special Honors (after Intermediate)
  • 2-year General Honors (after Intermediate)

New System : Options for Matriculation students

In the new system, Matriculation students

  • take six prescribed subjects based on Science or Arts option
    e.g. Burmese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology (for Science option)
  • 5-year Law degree
  • 5-year Education degree
  • can apply for Science Scholarship (SS)
  • bypass the Intermediate and are admitted directly to the Institutes using the controversial Intelligence Level Aggregate (ILA)

Newer Systems

The newer systems tried

  • Regional College
  • Moving some disciplines to the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • “Compressed” academic terms [to make up for school closures]
  • Proliferation of Colleges and Technological Universities [without the needed resources]
  • “Hybrid” nomenclature :
    Associate Professor
    Lecturer (instead of Assistant Professor)
  • Multiple Professors in a Department
    One designated as Head of the Department
  • Having high percentage rate of success in examinations [without maintaining the quality and integrity]

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